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The First Baptist Church of Alpine, Ca.

Prayer is a critical part of the believer's life. Prayer is simply communicating with God, and as you know, any relationship is strengthened by open lines of communication. This is as true with God as it is with our human relationships. We believe that prayer should permeate every portion of a Christian's life. Many people believe that prayer should be a very personal experience. They are correct. Ideally, prayer should also be a family experience, and a corporate experience. We should take our adoration, thanksgiving, praise, and supplication to God in private. We should also set the example for our families, and remember to thank Him and praise Him as a family. Finally, Christians should be actively involved in intercessory prayer. In this way, we can strengthen and support each other as we take our fellow believers' concerns and praises to God on their behalf.

At the church, we maintain an active prayer request list, which is updated 3 times a week. In this way, we can more easily keep each other up to date on the many ways God has blessed us, provided for us, and cared for us. We can also incorporate the needs and concerns of our fellow Christians in our own prayer time. This is Scriptural.

If you have a particular concern or praise that you would like to share with us, we would consider it an honor and a privilege to pray with you. Fill out as much of the information below as you like, and we'll be happy to add your prayer request to our list. Anonymous requests will be honored the same as any other request. We realize that God is well aware of your needs, but the more information you can provide us, the more specific we can be when we pray. If you live in the Alpine area, feel free to drop in to join us in prayer.



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